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Who are we?
The THOM Collective is an artist membership at Thomasville Center for the Arts. A community of creative professionals, the Collective is made up of both visual and performing artists. By artists, for artists, the THOM Collective is constantly growing and evolving to suit the needs of its constituents.

What do we do?
The THOM Collective provides a network of creatives with a variety of resources to help them in the development of their artistic careers. Featuring an online directory, lectures, socials, portfolio critiques, headshot days, and a number of other professional development events. THOM Collective emphasizes the importance of member feedback, where suggestions are encouraged to help strengthen the quality of the Collective.

Why we do it?
Mission: Cultivating an artistic community by encouraging collaboration over competition.

Every artist’s pursuits are unique, but having a community of artists to share ideas and work together is invaluable. THOM Collective wants to offer a home for artists to gather, to create, and to grow.