Collage Artist mixes things up at Blended

Art is destined to be challenging. 

Even when it’s hanging on the walls of your favorite coffee shop, art should captivate you, making you feel curious and creative simultaneously.  

At least, that’s the approach artist Jack Felice takes with his upcoming Collage exhibition at Grassroots Coffee, curated by Thomasville Center for the Arts. 

“My work brings an outsider perspective to art,” said Jack, 27. “I wasn’t a formally trained artist, I didn’t go to school for this. My approach is more personal. I’m figuring things out through trial and error. I’m not afraid to make a mistake, and I think that’s a good thing.”

While working in marketing, Jack, a graduate of Florida State University, found his niche creating collages in both the digital and physical realm. While his medias vary, his method of combining unlikely objects to create a cohesive piece that makes his viewer stop and think ‘That’s interesting,’ is always apparent. 

“Jack’s work is a great fit for the Blended audience at Grassroots Coffee,” said Darlene Crosby Taylor, lead for exhibition at the Center. “On the surface, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. But as you sit there and sip your coffee and take a longer look, it becomes clear that there’s more going on than first meets the eye. It’s a fascinating collection.” 

On July 18th, Jack will join the Center’s growing list of Blended artists, including Mallory Jones, Marlo Randsell, Lizzie Jones and Alex Workman, who have each spent a season adorning the walls at 118 S. Broad Street. 

At 10 a.m. on the exhibition’s opening day, Jack will be leading the Center’s Artist Talk at Grassroots. If you can’t make it for breakfast on July 18th, no worries. His collection will be on display until October 10th.

“My style changes a lot,” added Jack. “People can expect a lot of different things and a progression of my work.” 

Blended is designed to allow the connection between art and audience to brew naturally.  

This ongoing gallery exhibition is made possible by continued friendship and support from community members like KeySouth Real Estate Group and Grassroots Coffee.