Senior Moments

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Senior Moments classes are offered four times a month year-round. These classes are taught by the Center’s Artists-In-Residence and are designed to expose senior citizens to lessons in crafts, fine arts, and journaling. Learning — at any age — benefits the brain. When you learn something new, your brain grows new cells and builds new connections – proven assets for problem-solving and memory skills. Learning can help improve cognitive ability and memory function and can help ease Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. By making Arts education accessible to seniors, Thomasville Center for the Arts aims to strengthening the minds of our community.

Visual art classes are hosted in partnership with Southern Pines. Performing arts classes are hosted in partnership with Legacy Village at Plantation Manor.

  • Friday, November 9
    Senior Moments Visual Arts | Hand-build Clay turkey bow
  • Friday, November 16
    Senior Moments | Acting from the Inside Out
  • Friday, November 26 
    Senior Moments | Attend SGB Nutcracker Performance
  • Friday, December 7
    Senior Moments Visual Arts |Handbuild Clay Pinecone

To view upcoming classes, visit our calendar and search for Senior Moments.