Curious? Meet the THOM Collective

Curious? Meet the THOM Collective

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Who are we?
The THOM Collective is an artist membership at Thomasville Center for the Arts. A community of creative professionals, the Collective is made up of both visual and performing artists. By artists, for artists, the THOM Collective is constantly growing and evolving to suit the needs of its constituents.

What do we do?
The THOM Collective provides a network of creatives with a variety of resources to help them in the development of their artistic careers. Featuring an online directory, lectures, socials, portfolio critiques, headshot days, and a number of other professional development events. THOM Collective emphasizes the importance of member feedback, where suggestions are encouraged to help strengthen the quality of the Collective.

Why we do it?
Mission: Cultivating an artistic community by encouraging collaboration over competition.

Every artist’s pursuits are unique, but having a community of artists to share ideas and work together is invaluable. THOM Collective wants to offer a home for artists to gather, to create, and to grow.

Kevin Curry: Tripping Over the Same Stone

Kevin Curry: Tripping Over the Same Stone

Kevin Curry: Tripping Over the Same Stone

Thomasville Center for the Arts Downtown
at the gallery at Studio 209
June 6 – July 26
Tuesdays – Fridays
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Thomasville Center for the Arts Downtown invites you to an exploration centered on the mobility and authorship of memories, language and objects – a dialogue reflective of the intersection and location of place in our lives. Kevin employs sculpture, photography, traditional media and digital fabrication technologies in investigating how we navigate through and within the geography of experiences.

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About Kevin: 
Kevin is a Professor at FSU currently teaching 3D, Digital Foundations, and graduate courses. He has completed multiple artist residencies, including at Grand Canyon National Park and along the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska and British Columbia; these residencies have directly inspired his current work. More Details.

Thomasville Center for the Arts Downtown | Studio 209
209 West Remington Ave.
Thomasville, Ga. 31792

The Inside Out Project

Heads Up!

Thomasville Center for the Arts’ Public Art team challenged four photographers to capture the faces of the people we often miss when our heads are focused on our gadgets.

Justin Allen, Drew Balfour, Taylor Brandon, and Michael Serine exhibit a powerful display of 80 larger-than-life portraits of the people who are creating our community – when their heads are UP!

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The pages of THOM are emboldened by the creative community, both near and far, that trusts our writers, editors and photographers to capture their stories.

The amazing thinkers portrayed on our pages have journeys that far exceed THOM’s character limit, though. To truly breathe life into these tales, Thomasville Center for the Art’s beloved, bi-annual publication is reimagining our approach.

Starting with our new workshop and event series, THOM to Life.

After a dozen print runs, THOM still has plenty to say. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate this edition of THOM, knowing that a new one is always on the horizon.

Join Us

Get to know the stars of our Spring | Summer 2019 edition, followed by a community question and answer session.

Thursday, May 2nd  | 5: 30 – 7:30 p.m
Thomasville Center for the Arts Downtown
209 W. Remington Avenue

FREE | $10 donation encouraged