Grassroots Coffee
July 16- October 9

From the Artist

“In this series of work, my initial idea was to do a series of bird portraits and bird-related pieces. Birds have always been a huge fascination for me, and an endless source of inspiration. My goal with each piece was to capture the bird from its own perspective. This was a way for me to go a little further, and make things a bit more interesting than simply painting the likeness of an individual bird.

As the series unfolded, I realized that the settings, actions of the birds, and moods conveyed by the color pallet were mirroring my own emotions and feelings at the time each piece was created. Although beginning as a representation of a bird, plant, or landscape, these pictures became self-portraits in a way: projections of my own feelings onto the canvas, and into whatever scene I had decided to paint. As I progressed, I became more and more attracted to the idea of reproducing a mood and feeling, verses accurately depicting the species of bird. Even so, I did get very meticulous about specific details of the birds and landscapes that caught my inspiration.”

– Joe Cowdrey