Commandeered Spaces

Maureen Harrer + Students, Artist
BUGOUT | Bugs That Bite Collection
September 6 – 27

Thomasville Center for the Arts’ Public Art Team, challenged Brookwood’s Middle/High School Art Instructor, Maureen Harrer to inspire her students to create a collection of Bugs That Bite, during BUGOUT- a public art exhibition invading the nooks and crannies in The Bottom|Creative District with spectacular works of art to widen your view of the winged and wonderful bug’s world.

Maureen has taught at Brookwood School for 18 years, and her high school students are enrolled in Foundations of Art, Studio Art and AP Art classes. 

To find out more about Bugs That Bite, or to learn more about Maureen Harrer, email her at

For more information on commandeered spaces, or to schedule a tour, email or call 229.221.1859.

Commandeered spaces make for interesting and unexpected artistic placemaking throughout the community. Thomasville Center for the Arts is intentional on taking advantage of opportunities to expose the community to trending public art.

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