Creative Economy


At the Center and around our region, we focus on enriching the creative life of our community by elevating all aspects of the arts. To that note, we are always looking for innovative ways to leverage the arts to help shape, strengthen and revitalize our community.

Thomasville Center for the Arts is proud to have been a leading voice several years ago in the design of Thomasville’s emerging Creative District. Momentum in district, which spans several city blocks with a heart on West Jackson Street, is growing at a rapid pace. The City has constructed a $1.9 million amphitheater to serve as an anchor to the Creative District by providing a venue for events and exhibitions. In addition, in-town neighborhoods near the district are in a stage of revitalization, creating affordable housing within walking distance.

Hand-in-hand with the Center, the Creative District is connecting neighborhoods, citizens, tourists, retailers and artists, stimulating creative conversations and promoting economic development.