impact REPORT | Art with Schools

Every year, our Art with Schools programs provide over 30,000 experiences that encourage artistic expression and purposeful creativity for students in our region. This year, we took that wide experience and made it deeper, using those experiences to connect students and teachers to each other and the world around them.

In this climate of uncertainty, we are certain that investing in art and creativity will yield the next generation of artists and innovators prepared to make the world better for us all.

Go Wide

9886 students experienced live theater and/or worked with visiting performance artists in their schools.

492 students practiced artful thinking during a gallery or public art tour and created their own masterpiece in a hands-on workshop with a visual artist.

Go Deep

64 Harper and Brookwood third graders took part in an eight-month project-based learning unit exploring the art and science of an endangered insect.

Nearly 300 Scott Elementary School students receive twice-weekly Fine Arts instruction in Music, Drama, Dance, and Visual Arts from professional teaching artists.

Over 200 regional students used the design process to creatively solve TiskTask challenges in our community.

Go Public

1275 students, parents, and teachers visited TCA’s Downtown Gallery to view student-created art during our school exhibits.

Over 100 high school students participated in Youth Arts Month Performing and Visual Art shows and competitions.