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Wall Space is designed to bring emerging contemporary artists and designers into a community space. Thoughtful making and creative exchange is at the heart of the curated pop-up exhibits. This unique setting allows artists to test ideas, initiate community exchange, and develop professional practices.

AnnaBrooke Greene: In the Garden
Grassroots Coffee | 118 S Broad St.

AnnaBrooke Hill Greene is an interdisciplinary artist from Georgia, living in Tallahassee, Florida where she is currently an MFA candidate and teaches Art Foundations at Florida State University. Greene received her BFA in 2D Studio Art from Georgia Southern University, where she was honored with various awards. Greene has been exhibited both regionally and nationally.

In the Garden explores visual and material language associated with women’s complex, overlapping identities in tandem with conventional ideals placed upon them. In examining how this affects our lives as individuals and as a collective, AnnaBrooke investigates cultural stereotypes of womanhood while utilizing age-old feminized iconography, domestic craft processes and materials along with elements of nuance and intricacy. By using associated feminine mediums such as hand sewing and textiles along with imagery such as flowers and ornate decoration, she re-presents the social norms of womanhood to discuss and examine how it is perceived in a contemporary context.


Acrylic on cut paper and fabric, colored pencil, spray paint, handsewing
38.5″ x 50.5″


“Yonic Yellow”
Oil on canvas, hand-sewn collage, vintage wallpapers, lace, bedsheets, assemblage,
20″ x 24″

“Garden of Life”
Tapestry Installation
8′ x 10′
Not for Sale