Canyon Studies

Hannah Ruff Bishop

October 15 – January 29
Opening Reception and Artist Talk | October 15 | 5-6pm

Grassroots | 118 S. Broad Street
Hours:  Monday – Friday | 6:30am-10pm
Saturdays | 7:30am-10pm

Featured Image:  Hannah Ruff Bishop | Tiny Arches

Canyon Studies explores the process of refinement, using canyons as a metaphor for how we are molded by our environments over time. The pieces in this exhibit meditate on this process and consider how small, imperfect glimpses connect to a larger story.

From the Artist:
“I’ve been hardwired for wide open spaces. My eyes ache for the farthest horizon and the deepest sky. This has led me to an obsession with canyons – the staggering holes with layers of rock that trace every flood, drought, and earthquake that carved them into being. Perhaps it is their survival story that draws me in. Their endurance has shaped them with heights and depths all their own. Made to stand alone. A piece made of many pieces, with every color telling a different story of how it got there.”
— Hannah Ruff Bishop

Designed intentionally to bring emerging, contemporary artists and designers into a community space, this program allows the community to be exposed to a rotating body of new work.  Thoughtful making and creative exchange are at the heart of WALL SPACE programming.  The curated pop-up exhibits inhabit the walls of Grassroots Coffee Company, where they can be exposed to 60,000 + patrons.  The installations are transitionary, separated from a formal gallery space, and exposed to a diverse audience.  This unique setting allows artists to test ideas, initiate community exchange, and develop professional practices. Thomasville Center for the Arts works to support emerging artists with an opportunity to develop both their art practice and professional goals.


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