big MOOD

Megan Holmes

April 8 – July 30
Artist Talk: TBA

Grassroots | 118 S. Broad Street
Hours:  Monday – Friday | 6:30am-10pm
Saturdays | 7:30am-10pm

Featured Image:  Megan Holmes | Big Mood

Big mood is an active search for joy through art. Through bold, colorful pieces created with a playful intuition, artist Megan Holmes brings us on her journey. Megan is an Artist in Residence with Thomasville Center for the Arts where she is producing illustrated children’s stories that explore intimacy in everyday home life. Find her project at the Bookshelf in April 2021.

From the Artist

“The work in this exhibition is about perseverance. Showing up, imperfectly, to start again and again. A labor of love that offers refuge and protection against despair. I feel like this theme resonates especially true for me these days when it is so easy, with everything going on in the world, to feel trapped by anxiety, fears, helplessness, anger etc. The act of making things can bring me back to joy.”- Megan Holmes