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Wall Space is designed to bring emerging contemporary artists and designers into a community space. Thoughtful making and creative exchange is at the heart of the curated pop-up exhibits. This unique setting allows artists to test ideas, initiate community exchange, and develop professional practices.

Mary VanLandingham: Along the Coastline
Grassroots Coffee | 118 S Broad St.

Life moves so slowly here. Here is a place where land meets the sea in perfect joining. The air is clean and crisp, and so is your mind. A shrimp boat passes by in the canal as it comes in from a morning haul. The sky rises in brilliant colors over a rhythmic tide, and the sun warms the dunes beneath your feet. Peace can be found Along the Coastline.

Mary VanLandingham is a traditional painter based out of South Georgia. With the use of oil paints, Mary specializes in creating lively and vivid imagery referencing the outside world. Her love and appreciation for the natural world is essential, and she strives to recreate scenes that embody a sense of both comfort and bewilderment. Mary was born and raised in South Georgia, and developed an interest for art at an early age. While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Valdosta State University, she took an immediate liking to oil paints. She then combined her admiration for nature with her passion of oil painting, and began expressing place and perspectives that provide peace and familiarity. Mary works full-time in her home studio located in Nashville, Georgia.

All work is available for sale at Grassroots Coffee.

_Cerulean Waters_ 30 X 40 in. $1850

“Cerulean Waters”
30 x 40

“The Turning Point”
60 x 48

_Looking Toward the Sun_ 36 X 36 in. - $2000

“Looking Toward the Sun”
36 x 36

“Under Purple Skies”
60 x 48

“Sunset Sail”
24 x 20