Hello, AiR

  • Ron Thomson
    Ron Thomson grew up in Florida and has worked as a professional oil painter all of his adult life.

    Since earning his BFA with an emphasis in painting at Florida State University, Thomson has lived and painted in Florida, Oregon, Alabama, Colorado, and Georgia. He is an expressive realist working in oils on canvas. Thomson’s paintings celebrate common and humble subjects elevated by their collaboration with light.


  • Jessica Dell
    Jessica Dell is a native of South Georgia. Jessica enjoys pottery, printmaking, photography, and painting. Her work at present is whimsical and colorful. She studied art at Berry College, Georgia Highlands College, and Georgia State University. Dell earned her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts degree with honors from Thomas University.


  • Tony Barton
    Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, Tony Barton began by drawing cartoons, which eventually matured to portraits and character studies. Outside of art, he has always had an interest in sports, but knew he had another calling. After graduating from FSU with his Bachelor of Arts, Barton now combines his interest in people and sports as the focus of his work.