East Side School, constructed in 1915 and now on the National Register of Historic Places, was Thomasville’s first school built with public funding. In 1975, the school closed and fell into disrepair, but a group of citizens passionate about historic preservation rallied together to protect the building. Today, it is Thomasville Center for the Arts.

The Center itself was born from an idea set in motion by our founders over 30 years ago. They were the change-makers, catalysts of their time, for our organization and many other in our community. Theirs was an incredible power that drove the preservation of the historic assets that make Thomasville a unique place to live.

We’ve come a long way since their vision for a home for the arts was first introduced and have felt a deep sense of responsibility to carry forward their work while cultivating an environment where the diverse creative facets of our culture can thrive.