Mission & Vision

After a time of intense creative thinking and strategic planning in 2016, the Center revealed a bold new mission and vision to intersect with the expanding creative climate that is infusing our region:

To serve as a catalyst for artistic expression, arts education, and the creative economy in Thomasville and the surrounding area.

In addition, Thomasville Center for the Arts aims to inspire the community, and adheres to four core values to direct all work: Collaboration, Community, Culture, and Creativity.

This bold transformation sets the course for a modern day renaissance, strengthening our community by leveraging the Arts to connect people to themselves and to one another through collaborative efforts, thus driving a creative economy and enhancing quality of life. Through these dynamic ideologies, the Center is the region’s essential, unifying voice for the Arts, designing and stimulating a vibrant place that attracts people and projects and fosters cultural and creative activity.