The UnVacant Lot features quarterly exhibitions designed to delight and connect our community – check out some of our past projects below and our current exhibition here!


TCA Public Art Team challenged Brookwood Schools’ Foundations of Innovation Class (FOI), under the direction of Josh Hanke and Rob Clendenin to create an installation that will reignite ’70s skate culture and bring it to our neighborhood.

Along with this installation and in support of our local sk8board provider, The Kickstand, we wanted to promote safety first, and give you the opportunity to practice basic skateboard techniques in a safe environment. Skateboarding is a sport like no other. Skateboard culture has influenced fashion, music, and even the way we talk.


The public art team at Thomasville Center for the Arts challenged our very own Artist-in-Residence, Ron Thomson, to apply his master technique in oil painting into a public art mural. His installation became part of “Bug Out!,” a public art exhibition invading the nooks and crannies of Thomasville’s creative district with spectacular works of art to widen your view of the winged and wonderful bug’s world.

Four photographers were asked to capture the faces of the people we often miss when our heads are focused on our gadgets. Drew Balfour, Taylor Brandon, Justin Allen, and Michael Serine exhibited a powerful display of 80 larger-than-life portraits of the people who are creating our community – when their heads are up!

This exhibition was independently organized by “Inside Out Project Group Action,” a participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work around the globe. The Inside Out Project is a creation of the artist JR, recipient of the 2011 Ted Prize

Tree Huggers was a public art installation created for the purpose of educating future generations on the importance of managing, sustaining, conserving, and maintaining our forests at all levels. High school students were led through the start-to-finish process of creating an installation that would give them the tools to do future public art in Thomasville, GA.



This collaboration between Thomasville Center for the Arts and Brookwood School’s Foundation of Innovation Studio was the first installation in the newly renovated UnVacant Lot.

Tree Huggers was created under the direction of Brookwood faculty members Rob Clendenin and Josh Hanke, Center Artists-In-Residence Sarah Painter (painter) and Robert Copper (sculptor), and Public Art Director Darlene Crosby Taylor.

Thomasville Center for the Arts sees opportunity in the unimaginable and transforms spaces into places.

What Do You Want To See Here?_Image

What Do You Want To See Here? was an installation that offered the community an opportunity to engage in the process of designing what they wanted to see during the period where infrastructure was being installed in The UnVacant Lot. A 60-guest community charrette dictated the design of The UnVacant Lot in phases, and overwhelmingly supported educational opportunities for all to experience.