Public Art Initiative
The Bottom | Creative District
Thursday, April 18, 2024 | Public Art Bronze Unveiling
5 – 6:30 pm | Southland MD Corporate, Madison St.


Thomasville Center for the Arts in partnership with the City of Thomasville and Southland MD Corporate continues to drive the initiative to install permanent contemporary art in The Bottom Creative District, and a continuation of the Center’s work to creatively enhance our city, adding to Thomasville’s reputation as an “arts” city and tourist destination. 

The second installation, “Lucky Number,” a bronze sculpture created by the international artist Susan Hable, was intentionally created to be placed on the ground level, and inspired by seedlings – not seeds or trees, but those that fight to survive.

WILDLIFE ART in public places

Pines to the People

For three decades, Thomasville Center for the Arts has enriched the creative life of the Red Hills Region through the visual, performing, literary and applied arts.  We believe the arts have the power to transform communities as it can express community values, enhance our environment, reshape landscapes, heighten our awareness, and provoke thought.  When art is placed in public spaces it becomes a form of collective community expression as it reflects how we see the world through the artist’s response to our time and place combined with our own sense of who we are.  

Each year through 2018, Downtown Thomasville Main Street and Thomasville Center for the Arts worked with a private donor to commission a new sculpture from a Wildlife Arts Festival artist.  This project featured animals from our region and were placed in designated location along our sidewalks on Broad Street and Jackson Street.  


We invite you to connect with our community and take a stroll through our downtown with these prominent bronzes that promote the importance of preserving our deep history, rich sporting traditions, and the diverse land that is home to our natural wildlife. 

For more information on the bronze art walk, contact dtaylor@thomasvillearts.org.