Current Project | Dinosaur of the South


Artist, Toni Ardizzone takes you back to the swamp with her very exciting homage to a mascot of the South.  Her interpretation provides a lively depiction made up of vibrating color and untamed brushstrokes. Dinosaur of the South is a celebratory work engaging the viewer with the rhythm of the artist.


Thomasville Center for the Arts’ (TCA) UnVacant Lot experience, presented in partnership with Hurst Boiler, is sure to bring both thrills and chills to this community space. Made up of eight panels, and created through a brush and roll technique, Toni teases us by creating the work in three phases.  With each phase, she keeps us guessing about what comes next.  She contextualizes her experience through a laborious rhythm of repurposing and reconstructing her canvas over and over.


Toni Ardizzone, lives a holistic life of painting, from a rigorous studio practice, to commercial and residential painting, to public and privately commissioned murals.  Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and she has participated in international artist residencies including Ayatana in Quebec, Canada and Palimpsesto in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Toni will complete her MFA at Florida State University in May 2020. 


Learn more about Toni Ardizzone at and past Thomasville Center for the Arts’ public art experiences designed to connect and engage our community at the links below or visit the UnVacant Lot at 217 W Jackson Street.  

Culture and art have a way of invigorating cities, and Thomasville has a rich history of creativity. In 2014 the City of Thomasville, Thomasville Landmarks, and the Center partnered together to gather the community to create a vision for the development of the emerging creative district. Since then, the area has experienced tremendous growth. Dozens of small businesses, several locally-owned and sourced eateries, and a large new amphitheater now anchor the district to its entrepreneurial heritage. 

At the north entrance of The Ritz Amphitheater sits the Center’s UnVacant Lot, a once empty lot transformed into an artistically curated public space, which serves as the primary gateway to the amphitheater. The lot sits amongst several local businesses, and leads directly into the amphitheater area which hosts public art, concerts, and other exciting local events.  
Visit any day of the week from 7:00 am – 11:00 pm.


Public Art projects in the UnVacant Lot are made possible by contributions from local businesses and individuals who are passionate about the vibrant future of Thomasville’s creative district. Join the movement by making a donation! Just include the “UnVacant Lot” in the notes.