Second Floor

Michelle Decker, Artist
PWAF Featured Artist 2017
Victory Lap
Acrylic On Canvas
August 1 – November 8

Michelle Decker’s intimate knowledge of African wildlife & their magnificent detail is the result of many hours spent amongst them, photographing them and observing their behavior. This time not only connects her to them, but obligates her to honor their nature by correctly and sincerely portraying them.

In her sepia series, her intent is to always focus on the character of the animal which is conveyed through the eyes and body language. This is achieved through thoughtful composition, omission of background, and a limited color palette. Working in acrylic paint allows Michelle to highly detail the texture, which accentuates posture and movement while keeping focal points, such as eyes, soft and life-like.

For more information on Michelle Decker, email her at You may also meet her in person and see her latest work during Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival 2019 (PWAF) on November 15-17, 2019.

For more information on her current exhibit on the second floor, or to schedule a tour, email or call 229.226.0588.

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