The UnVacant Lot

Florida State University’s
Studio D Summer Institute 2022 | Artists

Through February 28, 2023
The UnVacant Lot  |  217 W. Jackson St.

This project was designed to promote the importance of our land, water, and sky, and how conscious conservation, habitat management, control of invasive species, and sustainability efforts result in healthy and unique habitats and vistas in the Red Hills region. 

Florida State University’s Studio D Summer Institute 2022, designed to connect the profession with the community, worked with 30 professional interior designers, artists, and architects to create patterns for layered wood and acrylic artworks reflecting the unique characteristics of our area habitats.

Florida State University’s Studio D Lab, a program of the Department of Interior Architecture & Design, then constructed and framed individual works of art based on the artists’ patterns. The art is displayed in three separate structures representing land, water, and sky. Each piece of finished artwork is 11.5″ x 11.5.”

The Center collaborated with three partner organizations having expertise in wildlife and wildland conservation in Florida and South Georgia. These partners, Tall Timbers, Aucilla & Wacissa Water Group, and Birdsong Nature Center, provided the exhibiting artists with features and images unique to our land, water, and sky for the purpose of informing and inspiring their work.