Thomasville Center for the Arts strives to provide an avenue for achieving dreams, but we cannot do it without your support. In 2018, less than one cent of every $100 collected in federal taxes was appropriated to the arts. It’s hard to fulfill a dream when the world around you stifles it… but can you IMAGINE the impact we as a community could make on arts education, artistic expression, and the creative economy by upping the ante?

Support provides grounding, stability, strength, and sustenance. Center supporters are unique. We like to think of them as our “tribe” — contagious energy, distinct style, passionately devoted to preserving the past and paving the way for the future with creativity. Together, we form the foundation from which we have built the most distinct arts experiences in the region.

Join our tribe and support the movement. Your contribution of any size ensures the vitality of a thriving community asset for generations to enjoy… just as the Center’s founders originally envisioned.

Capital gifts may be made through the Community Foundation of South Georgia.

For more information:
Joanne Thomas, Development Director
(229) 225-8705 |