Wall Space at Grassroots Coffee | 118 S Broad St.
Wall Space is designed to bring emerging contemporary artists and
designers into a community space. Thoughtful making and creative exchange is at the heart of the curated pop-up exhibits. This unique setting allows artists to test ideas, initiate community exchange, and develop professional practices.

Chris Chubb: Horizons
July 25 – October 31, 2023

Multidisciplinary abstract artist and Thomasville native, Chris Chubb, focuses on the theme of horizon and its illusory essence. He draws inspiration from the majesty of nature, light, geometric forms, color and the divinity underlying it all. Using acrylics, he explores how these elements may mingle, uncluttered, on the smooth wood panel canvas providing the viewer with an opportunity for contemplation.


Jay Snodgrass: Subatomic
June 2 – July 14, 2023

Pulling from various calligraphic traditions, including Gothic, Arabic, Japanese, and Graffiti, Jay Snodgrass’ work explores the formal and figural methods of an exaggerated writing form. He began his work primarily as a poet, earning an MFA from Florida International University in Miami. Through experimentation with the furthest possibility of meaning in the written form, he came to Asemic writing – a gestural script in which the product has no real meaning.

Sara Dismukes: Verge
March 3 – April 21, 2023

Sara Dismukes’ work celebrates the things we pass by, often unnoticed, while moving about our day. She is interested in entropy, as well as the growth that is its companion. Close observation of the patterns and structures in nature, as well as the rhythm of its seasonal cycles, is an enthusiasm and an influence. Sara Dismukes is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and educator based in Montgomery, Alabama.

Mary VanLandingham: Along the Coastline
Fall 2022

Mary VanLandingham is a traditional painter based out of South Georgia. With the use of oil paints, Mary specializes in creating lively and vivid imagery referencing the outside world. Her love and appreciation for the natural world is essential, and she strives to recreate scenes that embody a sense of both comfort and bewilderment.

AnnaBrooke Greene: In the Garden
Summer 2022

AnnaBrooke Hill Greene is an interdisciplinary artist from Georgia, living in Tallahassee, Florida where she is currently an MFA candidate and teaches Art Foundations at Florida State University. Greene received her BFA in 2D Studio Art from Georgia Southern University, where she was honored with various awards. Greene has been exhibited both regionally and nationally.

Sam McCoy + Caroline Manuel: Peninsula: Scenes from a Sinking State
Winter 2022

Peninsula: Scenes from a Sinking State features two Tallahassee based artists both inspired by local flora and fauna. Caroline Manuel and Sam McCoy both graduated from Florida State University and met at a public art event hosted by Thomasville Center for the Arts. It was a coincidence they worked alongside each other during an art completion which led them to this collaborative show. It is easy to see how they are both inspired by the dramatic saturated southern landscapes they grew up in.

Sarah Black-Sadler: Just to Have Seen It
Fall 2021

Our 2021 THOM Collective winner, Sarah Black-Sadler presents mixed media and soft sculpture works.