Art with Schools | 2020 - 2021

In a year of uncertainty for teachers, students, and administrators, TCA has planned a schools program to enrich and entertain, to encourage artful experimentation and showcase student work. For more information on any of our Art with Schools programs, please contact Mary Oglesby at


2020-2021 PROGRAM GOALS 
  • REACH | Serve 1500 students and 63 teachers through Visiting Arts and Immersion programs
  • DIVERSITY | Hiring of teaching artists to mirror demographics within schools. 
  • CURRICULAR | Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) focus for Visiting Artists. Arts-integrated lesson plan for all programs.
  • PARTNERSHIPS | Five or more community and state-wide program partners. 
  • FINANCIAL | Greater than 60% budget allocation to artist fees and student expense.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY | Reduce community spread of COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses through best practices in sanitization, social distancing, and more.