Walk on the Wild Side public art exhibition hits the road!

Featured Image:  Joe Cowdrey, Artist | Freshwater Spring

As part of the 25th Wildlife Arts Festival, locals and visitors alike took a Walk on the Wild Side in downtown Thomasville, to experience a multi-faceted outdoor public art exhibition featuring the works of local and regional artists. Paintings of native fire-tolerant flora wrapped twenty-five lamp posts, and twenty-five larger-than-life murals of native fauna hung from historic buildings – paying homage to our unique Red Hills Region.

Beginning February 1, Thomasville Center for the Arts takes this exhibition on the road, and passes along a selection of 8 murals and 8 flora wraps to the Metcalfe and Cairo, Ga communities. Each town creates their own version of a “public art walk” in their downtown, and builds interest around their area, using art as a backdrop through March 14.

“Metcalfe is thrilled to use our historic community to showcase this beautiful work,” says Christine Ambrose, president for the Metcalfe Community Association.  “We are located in the center of the Red Hills, surrounded by lands managed with fire.  I have spent my life studying plants and fire, and it is so exciting to share these natural wonders through art.”

“The City of Cairo is working diligently on strong guidelines to enable our history to be depicted on permanent murals downtown, and this is the perfect kick off for that,” says Alyssa Blakely, City of Cairo, Main Street Director.

On March 18, both towns will hand over the artwork to two more rural communities. “Southern communities are known for their hospitality.  If we all work together, and share our unique assets with one another, we will stand stronger in the end,” says Darlene Crosby Taylor, Thomasville Center for the Arts Public Art Director. “Each location will be unique and come to life through art.  We encourage you to visit your historic neighbors, and support them.”

The Center for the Arts has also worked very hard to promote the amazing artists represented in these exhibitions.  All murals and flora wraps are available for sale, with proceeds supporting both the artists and youth art programs at the Center.

Want to learn how public art is shaping rural communities?  Visit thomasvillearts.org, or contact dtaylor@thomasvillearts.org. To stay up to date on activities and events surrounding this traveling exhibition, visit thomasvillearts.org/public art travels.

Want to sponsor your town?  Thomasville Center for the Arts will provide you with a robust public art walk kit, and guide you throughout the process – with the assurance that you will have fun along the way. For more details and information on how to become an Underwriter,  email dtaylor@thomasvillearts.org, or call 229.221.1859. To stay up to date on activities and events surrounding this traveling exhibition, visit thomasvillearts.org/public art travels.

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