BUG out!

Nothing bugs us in Thomasville —
and we had the guts to prove it.

Featured image:  Ron Thomson | Butterfly Collection

Thomasville Center for the Arts invited a colony of creatives to invade the nooks and crannies in The Bottom | Creative District with spectacular works of art to widen your view of the winged and wonderful bug’s world. It was the celebration of a bug’s life!

The Creative District was buzzing. Twenty-two artists began the chalk art competition along The Ritz Amphitheater’s sidewalk and their chalking subject was endangered bugs. Alongside them, four professional sidewalk chalk artists from Atlanta were part of an all-day live chalk art experience downtown. TCA resident artist Ron Thomson’s vibrant “Flutterby” mural project was on full display at The UnVacant Lot, alongside a firefly mural by Tallahassee artist Charlie Hart, known for his work featured in Thomasville’s local boutique, The Hare and The Hart.  Brookwood students, taught by art teacher Maureen Harrer, painted “Bugs That Bite” on display as well.

Two bug-themed exhibitions were crawling up the walls of Studio 209: Bob Sober, widely known as the “bug guy” from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Winston Cornish’s bug collection. Artists of all levels swarmed The Ritz for the chance to be crowned King or Queen Bee.