the unVACANT LOT | LAND of the ROSES

Trish Land | Artist

April 23 – August 13
The UnVacant Lot | 217 W. Jackson St.
Hours: Monday – Sunday | 7am – 11 pm
Free and open to the public 

Featured Image:  Detail from Land of the Roses Installation

As an artist, Trish Land was used to capturing the ephemera of natural landscapes: radiant cyan sunsets or moody thunderstorms embellished with drips of sage. “When I look at something, I see its energy,” she says. “I try and capture the essence of the moment, what it feels like.” Before March 2020, Land had never painted a rose. However, out of compassion for others during Covid 19, both bodies of her rose-inspired work celebrated in The UnVacantLot, came to fruition.

Her Renaissance work, merges old world art with her love of roses, while her rose varieties hold a special connection to family and Thomasville. Land is a self-taught artist, and has been a storyteller all of her life. She is spirit driven.always inspired, and always creating.

For more information on the work of Trish Land, visit  Email the artist @ View more of her work on To purchase artwork from The UnVacant Lot OR from Three Toms Tavern, contact

Trish Land

Man of the Wheat

Trish Land


Trish Land

The Girl in the Band

In the rear of the UnVacant Lot, and complementing the Land of the Roses installation, you will find Morning in the Tall Pines, a spectacular mural by Joe Cowdrey.  Drawing inspiration from the surrounding forested areas, including the Tall Timbers Research Station, Joe set the scene for a misty morning in the longleaf pine forest. Using vibrant blues and greens, contrasted by the dark-red brick color of the pine trunks, Joe created a piece that feels dense with vegetation, but also spacious, much like the local forests. Catch this mural just after sunrise, and it really seems as if the light of the early sun is reflecting off of the painted trees while the early morning mist drifts up into the atmosphere.

Joe Cowdrey is a self taught painter from Tallahassee, FL. He draws his main inspiration from the natural landscapes he explores on a regular basis, wherever he may be located. Environment is very important to him, and it is his hope that people are able to share his appreciation for the beauty of the forest after seeing his works. Joe currently lives and works in Northern New Jersey.

“Public art is a reflection of how we see the world – the artist’s response to our time and place combined with our own sense of who we are.” 

Association for Public Art