The THOM Collective membership at Thomasville Center for the Arts is constantly growing and changing with the needs of the artist. It offers its creative members a variety of opportunities and challenges that will help them in the development of their artistic careers.


Hannah Ruff

Cosby Hayes

Toni Ardizzone

Tony Barton


Joe Cowdrey

Scott Bradley

Susan Harvard

Maria Vasquez

Sarah Painter

Sarah Malone Carnline

Erin Smith

Cindy Inman

Maddie Hart

MJ Ridenhower

Mandy Roach

Stephanie Fewell White

Karey Mortimer

Robert Copper

Tracy Foutz Hunt

Bella Poza

Logan Lott

Randy Brienen

Charlie Hart

Debra Brienen

Kenneth Bridger

Michael Brennan

John Gleason

Margina Gabriel

Venessa Hurst

Sarah Lowe

Meghan Barwick

Sara Cox

Jason Little

Heather Claypoole

Emily McKenna